Is this it?


So, is this it? Is this the new technology, what they call weblog or more known as blog that have attracted many online users around the world?
I think many people put their interest into blogging maybe because of want to express their words freely, want to share their feelings and also thought about almost everything without much hurdles. In other words, blogging give them opportunity the freedom to write and also give visitors to know something without too depends to the mainstream media that is so full of lies and slander.

By the way, in my blog, i think i want to share my personal thought about many topics that happens in todays life, and not just talking about only one specific topic only. I’ll try to tell and share many stories about what happened to me, to the people around me and more specifically, to the societies. I am the person that always so eager to know the truth and also have a great vision towards a better life.

The reason i start up a blog is not calculated to endear me to any particular section of people. Indeed it is most likely to cause dependency among some and severe resentment among most others. No apologies are offered. What i have written is written with sincerity.

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