No Update

Hello guys.
Sorry for all who visit my blog in the past few weeks, which they found that i have not post anything here. Well, as you all know, we here, the students are having final examination this month and we are quite busy doing revision (revision? mcm baru nak study je ada la.. hehe). Me too cant avoid to feel the heat of final exam, thus i because of that i chose to study and do my revision as well. I’m quite worried with my past semester performance last semester, because it is quite disappointing actually. So, for this semester i decided to do the best in final examination since my course marks all in good position, or in other words have the potential to score and get as many A’s that i can. So that is a little bit explanation why there was no update in my blog recently.

My first paper starts on 12 may, which is the Business System Development paper. This subject is quite tough and challenging because it is a programming subject. I hate programming actually. So because of that usually i don’t get good marks in any programming classes. But, still, i have to go it through no matter what because it is one of our core subjects for Business Information System programme student. In order to get good marks, i struggling to cover and understand many topics. It is hard actually but i hope i can get good grade for it. That was my first paper. Then i have other 5 paper which are Malaysian Studies, Strategic Management, Health safety and environment, Economics and last but not least, Knowledge Management and Development which ended on 28th May, which is today. I’m quite happy and relieved actually because the examination is over and i can take some time to release my tensions, because after that i have to report my industrial internship duty at UMW on 1st June until January.8 bulan kot kene keje. aduiii. Malasnye nak bgn pagi. huhuhuhu. I hardly wake up early morning actually, thats why i hate it. errmmm. I think tu jela kot. Have a good day y’all. adios

p/s. aku malas gile nak update sbnanye. nnt la aku update lagi bila ada mood. takde citer la nak citer. hehehehe

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